To Inculcate the Spirit of competition amongst students and to meet the challenges of the changing environment, the school has a House System. There are six houses named Vivekananda, Tagore, Aryabhatta, Kalam, Radhakrishnan & Sarojini. Each house comprises of students from class III to XII.

Inter Houses activities are held throughout the year to inculcate the feeling of competition amongst students. House activities are planned by house masters from time to time.

Students Learn to work collectively under the leadership and guidance of their House Masters and House – Teachers. Regular House meetings are held to analyze, organize and put into action inter – house events.

Houses maintain their display boards and inter- House competition are held for the same.

Vivekananda House
Mrs. Manisha Rani House Mistress
Mrs. Ashu Jain Assistant House Mistress

Tagore House
Mrs. Asha Rani Gaur House Mistress
Mrs. Pratibha Assistant House Mistress

Dr. Radhakrishnan House
Mrs. Jyotsana House Mistress
Mrs.Shikha Ratra Assistant House Mistress

Kalam House
Mrs. Aashista Arora House Mistress
Mrs. Priyanka Assistant House Mistress